The Natoon Group

The Natoon Group manages and operates assets throughout the country at an area of approximately four and a half million square km, via its four thousand dedicated employees working at regional branches. It specializes in B.O.T. and PFI project, including the Bahad City and Poli-City projects.


The Natoon Group operates as an integrator, providing a wide range of products in the fields of: property management, maintenance and operations – one stop ship. Natoon Group have a winning mix of leading companies in fields of management, maintenance, cleaning, security and fire detection and extinguishing as well as low voltage systems, enabling its clients to enjoy a wide variety of solutions under one roof – in the field of property management, business services and professional consultation from the stage of planning and construction and until the property is populated. All companies in the group meet ISO 9001 quality standard, which guarantees the clients receive quality, professional service and some of the best standards in the industry.

Planning, management and operation and the core of any project safety marching to success. This is an axiom known by anyone dealing in initiating big projects. “Natoon Management” and “Natoon Operations” of the Natoon Group are companies which add professional thought into the stages of planning, consultation and operations at any moment, so that your next project becomes a success story.

The Company Vision and Values

The Natoon Group aspires to lead the field of management, operation and providing services for properties and sites by committing to give a material and distinctive added value to its clients, based on the following principles:

The company places the client at the center of its work and shows attention, understanding and maximal sensitivity to his needs, among all group employees and managers.

  • Provides a unique and professional non-compromising service experience.
  • Creates a feeling of belonging, price and mutual commitment among its employees.
  • Develops relations of trust and mutual respect with its suppliers and business partners.
  • Led by an independent, initiating, accomplished and flexible team of leaders.
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The Companies’ Managers

Hezi Nuriel

founder and active chairman of the Natoon Group.

Has established the Natoon Group in collaboration with Avner Goldenberd in 1997. The group has six independent, professional companies, providing a range of services for management, marketing, operation and management of various types of properties, under one roof.

Avner Goldenberg

A businessman, owns a number of companies in the field of medicine, real-estate, industry and services in Israel and abroad.

Shmuel Shalev

Manages the security company, Nof Yam and the technology companies in the group. A retired military officer in a field unit, and graduate of the national security array (see details of company managers).

Accountant Amir Biram

Has vast experience in real-estate, capital and financial markets. Has initiated and established British Israel, has managed it for 8 years, during which time it became a central player in the field of shopping malls and commercial centers in Israel. The company was sold to the Melisron Group. In 2001 he established the JTLV Foundation, in which he realizes his vision in the field of shopping centers, commercial centers and urban centers across Israel.

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