The Companies’ Managers

Moshe Keller
CEO of the Clean Office

Retired Major, graduate of the Industry and Management course from the Tel-Aviv University, has founded and was the CEO of one of the industry’s largest cleaning and security companies.

Has 25 years of experience in the field of cleaning, has founded and is a member of the management of the Israeli Organization of Cleaning Companies.

Has vast experience in managing and operating complex systems and employee management

Eli Aharoni
CEO of the Natoon Group

Eli has rich and extensive experience in the business world in Israel and internationally.

Served as VP of Operations at Shufersal, VP of Outsourcing at "Koor",

VP of the infrastructure and construction company "Rahmani",

Senior VP of Global Management in Logistics and Assets at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries,

CEO of Or Yehuda Municipality, and more.

Served in the IDF for about three decades,

Retired with the rank of brigadier general, still serves in reserve duty in assessment centers for lieutenant colonels.

Eli holds a master's degree in Business Administration from Ben Gurion University,

Bachelor's degree in General History from Tel Aviv University,

Serves as an external lecturer in the Department of Management in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Bar Ilan University.

Chairman of the associations "Naot Hanof and Naot Rotem" for the construction of residential neighborhoods for the IDF and the security systems.

yossi tabibian
Pricing and project development

He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in the field of air conditioning. Expert in the field of building maintenance and management systems and pricing of tenders. Previous experience: Mechanical Engineer, Ziv Hospital in Zefat, Maintenance Manager at the National Police Headquarters in Jerusalem. Head of Air Conditioning Division at Dead Sea Works. CEO of TLD, CEO of Technico.

Shmuel Shalev
CEO of Nof Yam and Magen Engineering

Manager and partner in Nof Yam Security, which was established as part of the company array of the Natoon Group.

In addition, as part of the Natoon Group, was partner to the establishment of additional companies in the fields of fire safety, other technologies and communication, as well as their regular management.

Has worked in the Israel Security Agency. Has underwent a uniform course and completion of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Security, was an emissary and served in the combined security unit in Brussels for 3 years, has served as manager of the department of security at the new Central Station in Tel-Aviv, and was partner to the establishing of the unit, which has directly employed workers, and management included handling hundreds of employees, with all that it entails.

Nitzan Solomonov
CEO of Snifon

VP of Marketing of the Clean Office companies and Snifon.

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in business management from the Tel-Aviv University. Has vast experience in managing marketing arrays and client relations in the Group, consulting and planning work and manpower arrays for large clients.

In his previous roles, has managed a marketing array and creative solutions in one of Israel’s largest productive companies.

Accountant Galya Shlonsky
VP of Finances

Has experience of more than 20 years in finances as VP of finances in companies traded at the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, as accountant in an insurance company and as senior audit director in accounting firms from the Big 4. Galya holds a Bachelor’s degree in business management, specializing in accounting and financing. She is responsible for the financial array of all Group companies, including risk management, financial analyses, meeting regulation instructions and contact with the capital market and the board of directors.

Alon Baruch
CEO of Natoon Property Management and Marketing

Alon has an extensive managing experience as the CEO of the delivery company "Tapuz" and as the CEO of "Pazmobil" from the Paz Group.

He holds an extensive experience in the fields of operations and supply chains in some of the largest manufacturing companies in the economy.

Alon is a colonel in the reserve duty and serves as chief of staff in the armored corps.

He has a bachelor's degree in Economics and Management and a master's degree in Business Administration specializing in finance.

Tova Ventorero
Human Resources Manager

Has rich and diverse professional experience in the group for about 25 years.

Over the years she worked in various positions in the group, including managing the salary section.

For the past 5 years, Tova has managed the group's human resources department and she plays a significant part in the organization's payroll processes.

Tova has a bachelor's degree with honors in Social Sciences in the Human Resources Management track.